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Shine Bright Mobile provides variety in window tinting services that vary in style and capacity from auto to residential and commercial properties.





Q: Is there warranty on my window tints?

A: Yes, depending on the film of your choice, these warranties vary by two years, seven years, and lifetime.


Q: What is the difference between a metallic film and the non-metallic film?

A: Selecting the proper film type between metallic and non-metallic is based on your vehicle requirement. It is suggested that any vehicle with a manafactured year of 2010 and below could use a metallic film, as it interferes with the car signals such as: Bluetooth, GPS Navigation Systems, Parking Sensors.

All other vehicles above 2010 could use a non-metallic film, as it won't interfere with the car signals listed above.


Q: Why should my windows be tinted?

A: Tinted films are intended to protect and reject harmful UV & IR sun rays, that often cause long-term skin damage. Over time, studies prove this to be a cause of cancer. Get more information here.


Q: I have old tints on my window, Do you guys remove it and how?

A: Yes, we remove old film by using a professional water steamer. The steam's heat is applied onto the old film for a couple of minutes, to begin the dirt and adhesive removal. We ensure a proper window clean up by using a non-toxic film remover spray and wipe away.


Q: Could my car get tinted anywhere, including at my job?

A: Yes, as long as the property allows it and consists of enough space. Shine Bright Mobile Tinting is licensed and insured to provide on-site services.


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